Greg Genske & What It Means to Be A Sports Agent

Greg Genske is a Berkeley Law alum, and is now the Executive Director, President and Lead Negotiatior of The Legacy Agency’s baseball division. Genske teaches a 1 unit course at Berkeley Law, called “Representing Professional Athletes,” which provides an overview of the what it takes to work as an agent. Additionally, Genske serves as the agent for Jameis Winston, C.C. Sabathia and Carlos Correa, amongst other leading MLB and NFL players.

The Berkeley Sports & Entertainment Podcast team had a chance to interview Professor Genske, and covered a wide range of topics, including:

1) Professor Genske’s path from being a trial lawyer to being one of the leading agents in sports
2) The differing nature of free agency in sports
3) The role of analytics and advanced metrics in negotiations and arbitration
4) The NCAA and the problem of amateurism.
5) The process of building and maintaining a roster of clients
6) The future of being a sports agent

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